The registration for the Petzen Open is done via „The Disc Golf Scene“!

Attached the link to the registration:

Petzen Open is PDGA A-tier sanctioned, PDGA Euro Tour – will be played from May 28th to May 30th 2021.


€ 120 – Pro divisions (MPO, FPO, MP 40, MP 50, MP 60, FP 40)

€ 60 – Amateur divisions

Entry fee is for the Petzen Open played from 28th t0 30th of May and it includes a players package, shuttle and the lift tickets.
From all entry fees 15€/player goes to Course/Land fees and 5€ to PDGA Euro Tour final prize pool. The payout is calculated after these deductions.

Registration fee is paid immediatly when you have registered yourself to the event.

Payment is done through PayPal !



To give you the right motivation, we would also like to offer this service!

Please enter the link from your favourite song (Youtube or Spotify) in the registration tool under „TEE OFF SONG“. But beware, only the first thirty seconds can be played! So watch out for a good intro!

Here is instructions how to get the link to your song. Thank you Tero Tommola for providing these videos.

Using Mobile device:
Using computer:


JANUARY 10TH, 2021 AT 08:00pm CET – Stage 1

MPO/FPO: Registriation opens for Players 1000+/895+ ratings

MP40 — 940+

MP50 — 910+

MP60 — 880+

FP40 — 840+

JANUARY 17TH, 2021 AT 08:00pm CET – Stage 2

MPO/FPO: Registration opens for Players 940+/835+ ratings

MP40 — 900+

MP50 — 860+

MP60 — 820+

FP40 — 780+

JANUARY 24TH, 2021 AT 08:00pm CET – Stage 3

MPO – MP40 – MP50 – MP60 – FPO – FP40: Registration opens for any rating

MARCH 14TH, 2021 AT 08:00pm CET – Stage 4

MPO – MP40 – MP50 – MP60 – FPO – FP40 – MA1 – FA1

Registration opens for all players